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  • The View

    We work for adventurous minds across the world.

    Individuals with vision and drive,

    who recognise that the relationship

    between public speaking and influence

    is no mere coincidence.

  • The Edge

    We are a unique team of some of the world's most experienced speech writers.

    We create speeches that get our clients noticed; that catapult careers, causes or organisations.

    We offer every client original ideas, thoroughly researched and brilliantly expressed.

  • The Outlier

     We recognise that we are working in the age of search engines and social sharing, so we bring detailed keyword research to every speech we are involved in. Research to make sure you are speaking about what really matters in your topic.

    The audience in the room are simply the first receivers.

  • Interface

    Speechwriterz President

    Simon Gibson

    Simon is the Founder of World Speech Day, a global set of public speaking events taking place in some 100 nations on 15th March each year.


    Simon is a hugely experienced speech writer, having worked for senior executives and CEOs at a number of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.


    Contact Simon for an initial review.

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